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Croatian Coral Center Zlarin soon to be open

  16. May 2023.

The island of Zlarin, also known as the “Coral Island,” will become even richer with another addition. Soon, the doors of the “Croatian Coral Center Zlarin” are expected to open, an integrated project whose main goal is to promote and valorize natural heritage and strengthen the educational capacities of the local population and visitors on the importance of nature conservation, as reported by Slobodna Dalmacija.

As part of the project, the houses of Šare and Kažerma on the island of Zlarin have been renovated and refurbished, and the road leading from the coast to the two houses has been reconstructed, connecting them. The project is worth over 24.1 million kunas, of which 13.3 million kunas was financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, while the remainder was covered by funds from the European Union within the competition “Promotion of Sustainable Development of Natural Heritage,” applied for by the City of Šibenik.

The Kažerma House will function as an exhibition space with a permanent display that includes showcasing the ecosystems and protected species of the Šibenik archipelago, the tradition of coral cultivation on the Golden Island, and a library with scientific works and poetry by Vesna Parun. The Šare House has been transformed into an educational and research center with an amphitheater and accommodation units for researchers and scientists.

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