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Kažerma house

The Croatian coral center Zlarin is located in the old houses of Kažerma and Šare, which were renovated and equipped through the project.

The Kažerma House is an exhibition space with a permanent exhibition that includes a presentation of the ecosystem and protected species of the Šibenik archipelago, the tradition of Zlarin coral harvesting, and a library with scientific works and poetry by Vesna Parun.
It is equipped with modern technology such as augmented reality, kinetic figures, and other audio-visual features.

Kažerma House is the original location where corals were processed on the island of Zlarin. During World War II, the Italian occupiers established their Carabinieri station there. They brought partisans and members of their families there for special treatment, torture, and sometimes even death. It operated from 1941 to 1943. In memory of those who perished in Kažerma, a memorial plaque has been installed.

Later on, it became the social center of the island, and today it is a place that tells a unique story of the coexistence of the island, its people, and the corals.


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