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About us

The Croatian Coral Center Zlarin is opened from June 2, 2023.

In the Croatian Coral Center Zlarin, the story of the centuries-old tradition of coral cultivation on small island in the Šibenik archipelago is told innovatively and interestingly. Coral harvesting is activity Zlarin is famous for and the most important cultural heritage of island. The first written records about Zlarin coral hunters date back to the 15th century, and red coral branches run through all the pores of life, history and tradition of Zlarin.

Zlarin bears the title of Island of corals because of its history and tradition of extracting, processing and trading corals. With the opening of the Coral Center, red coral becomes the driver of the island’s development in a completely different way. Instead of exploitation, red coral’s attractiveness and status become the basis of the narrative about the need to preserve biodiversity.


The author of the display is Ana Katurić, who, through innovative design – multimedia, films, sound recordings, and photographs, has creatively told the story of corals and Zlarin. The author of the museological concept of the Center is Goranka Horjan.

The display is designed to reinterpret the island’s history, the tradition of coral craftsmanship, the life of the island and its people, and the dimension of nature preservation. Thanks to the collaboration of numerous institutions such as the Šibenik City Museum, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Croatian Radiotelevision, KUD Koralj, and others, the display has gained a multi-layered interpretation that highlights the connection between the island and the sea.

Using modern technology, virtual and augmented reality, audio recordings, educational materials, as well as classic exhibits such as shipwrecked amphorae, tools for extracting corals, and coral jewelry, the story of coral craftsmanship and the relationship to the life of Zlarin’s inhabitants is presented on four floors of the Kažerma House. The Center also features a reading room, and the impressive kinetic sculpture “Shared Breath” by the academic artist Paolo Pili completes the narrative on the last floor.


Our mission is to protect and interpret the rich cultural, historical, traditional, and natural heritage of Zlarin. We are committed to fostering sustainable development and ensuring the preservation of our invaluable resources for future generations.


Our vision entails establishing ourselves as the primary facilitators of cultural and social life on the island of Zlarin, while also conscientiously safeguarding the heritage and actively educating the local community and visitors about the paramount significance of preserving biodiversity.

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